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  • About us

    Povo News is a data journalism company with a vision to visualize world data focused on people, nature, and society.

    By definition “POVO” means “people” in Portuguese but the acronym stands for “people of various opinions” which speaks to our mission to ensure that we make information available to everyone.

    Povo News started as a citizen’s journalism website mainly on Twitter and Facebook in August 2016, with the first article on the Povo News website being published on 22 January 2019.

    Over the years the content on Povo News has evolved from focusing on “World politics, election news & campaign updates” during which time over 1000 articles were posted (Snapshot of the Povo News website can be viewed on the WayBackMachine) to a new focus on visualizing world data.

    Our fascination with “data for the people” has led to this new focus on “visualizing world data”. So as spring day unfolded (1 September 2022) a new journey begins at Povo News

    Greg Kawere